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Hi my name's Lali aka DOLALi and I'm a visual artist based in Bristol, UK. A play on the word 'doolally', I take the definition of being 'transported with excitement or pleasure' with a hint of madness to heart in my creative pursuits. 

Born in the Philippines, I spent my childhood running around rainforests, which turned into rolling fields when I moved to England. Fast forward through Cornwall and London - 5 years and 2 law degrees later - I finally followed my heart and started a career as an independent artist in Melbourne, Australia. 

My projects are varied and multi-disciplinary; pulling on various styles of art to suit different client needs. Travel (maps in particular), nature and social/environmental justice have been influences throughout my work, with an emphasis on vibrant colours, motion and expressionism.

I'm driven by a constant desire to learn new techniques and create unique artwork for individual clients and businesses alike. Currently, my workload consists of private commissions as well as large-scale wall murals, window art for businesses and creative workshops. 

When I'm not in the studio or on-site at client venues, you'll find me hanging out with dogs (www.instagram.com/dolali.dogs) and cats. 

DOLALi is available for commissions, collaborations and freelance work, just shoot me a message!


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